Student-Athletes Deserve A Clear College Pathway

The recruiting process is complicated. ACA provides Student-Athletes and
their families with a clear pathway to their dream college.


Student-athletes deserve a clear pathway to college. With 30 years experience helping families navigate the recruiting process we understand how complicated it can be! A clear college pathway requires two things: technology to facilitate every step of your recruiting pathway and guidance to ensure each step leads to your dream school.

ACA’s Individual Plans Include The Following:

ACA Platform

Innovative technology for every stage
in your college recruiting journey.

Highlight Reel Editor

A simple, high-quality highlight
reel editor.

Pathways Course

A Comprehensive Course on every
aspect of the Recruiting Process.

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Recruiting experts with over 30 years of combined experience
advising you through the college recruiting process.

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A Clear Pathway To Your Dream College

Only 5% of high school athletes make a college team. Don’t
let a complicated recruiting process stop you
from playing sports in college.Sign Up Today


ACA’s Starter and Starter Plus plans can be paid on a monthly or yearly basis. ACA’s Premium plan is an annual plan due to the nature of how ACA’s expert guidance is delivered. Cancel monthly plans anytime by emailing

  • Starter$29/moFor families that need the best Technology to facilitate every aspect of their recruiting journey.Get Started
  • Most Popular OptionStarter Plus$59/moFor families who need Guidance with their Technology, to direct each step of their recruiting process.Get Started
  • Premium$189/moFor families who need comprehensive, personal Guidance in addition to the best in recruiting technology.Get Started

StarterStarter PlusPremiumAdvanced College Search and FilterDetailed Athletic & Academic InfoCollege Comparison ToolAthletic Resume CreatorHighlight Video CreatorCorrespondence & Email TrackerRecruiting CalendarStep-By-Step Task ListFavorite ListPathways Course (One Module per Month)Video Onboard Session (Yearly Plan)NCAA Rule Change Updates (Yearly Plan Only)3 In-Depth Video Conferences with ACA ExpertComprehensive Recruiting StrategyAcademic Resume and Application CompletionAdmission Timelines & Athletic ImplicationsEmail, Text & Phone Access

What People Are Saying

“A huge thank you to Athlete College Advisors for helping my son Travis with his college search. Your Fit First search technology for student-athletes and educational courses were eye-opening and really helped us find the right college. Not sure how we would have done it without you!”

Sarah – Brooklyn, NY



20 minutes with an ACA expert to discuss: where you are in the recruiting process, what the next steps should be and finally, how ACA can help you on your pathway to college. Free Consultation


ACA has 3 plans for individuals to choose between: Starter, Starter Plus and Premium. Each plan includes the ACA Platform and Highlight Reel Creator, while the Starter Plus and Premium plans include the innovative Pathways Course as well as additional ACA guidance resources.


Once you have decided which Individual Plan best suits your recruiting needs you can get started with your clear college pathway. ACA allows you to sign up on a monthly or yearly basis for Starter and Starter Plus, and on a yearly basis for the Premium Plan.