WE ARE ASKING FOR YOUR HELP and SUPPORT in Raising Funds for the Construction of the Manheim Township Soccer Club & Lancaster Elite Clubhouse at Foundation Fields.


Reasons for a Clubhouse…

Team Meeting and Education Space
 – Classroom setting where Coaches can meet with their Teams to teach and review tactics.

Video analysis 
is an important initiative for Lancaster Elite where a clubhouse will be the location for teams to review recent match video. Additionally, it will be a central location for coaches to edit and upload video to a portal allowing players to access for their college profiles.

Safety – As experienced multiple times during the Spring and Fall  of 2018, quick to develop thunderstorms caused players to be called off of Foundation Fields. A Clubhouse will offer a place to shelter during these types of weather events.

MTSC REC and Lancaster Elite Coache
s meeting location. Sessions can be conducted to provide instruction to coaches. A clubhouse will offer a place for coaches to have team meetings to review practice and recent games.

MTSC Rec Program Headquarters for Youth Academy and Rec Oriented Camps and Training Sessions.

The Lancaster Summer Classic Tournament would be operated out of a clubhouse versus temporary tents.

The Clubhouse will be a structure for a lightening detection systems as well as security cameras overlooking Foundation Fields.