PA Child Protection Laws & Clearances

PA State Law, as of July 1, 2015, requires all coaches and volunteers to submit the below listed background checks prior to interacting with minors. Please submit all certificates simultaneously to the club secretary before the start of the season. Clearances are valid for 5 years from the time they were most recently certified.

Additional Information

EPYSA Requirements

PA Dept of Human Services

Required for all MTSC paid and volunteer positions, including Coaches, Team Managers, Board Members, Age group Coordinators, etc.

1. PA State Police Clearance

This certificate if free for volunteer positions. In most applications, electronic approval is instant. Renew every 5 years.

2. PA Child Abuse Clearance

This certificate if free for volunteer positions. Minimum of 14 days for approval. Renew every 5 years.

3. FBI Background Check OR Waiver*

* Paid and volunteer persons (excluding paid Coaches) who have been a continuous resident of PA for the last ten years, must swear or affirm in writing that they have no other convictions that would disqualify them from their position.

Paid Coaches over the age of 13 and other persons who do not qualify for the Waiver must complete the fingerprint certification.

This application costs $27.50 and averages three weeks for approval. Register online before being fingerprinted at an approved location. Renew every 5 years.

Concussion Certificate

All coaches and assistant coaches are required to complete an annual Concussion Certificate. The online process is approximately 30 minutes. Renew every year.

Risk Management

EPYSA requires all paid and volunteer positions to complete an annual Risk Management Certificate. The online process is approximately 10 minuntes. Renew every year.

Thank you for working with the MTSC. We rely on your commitment and support!