LANCASTER ELITE GOAL TRAINING PROGRAM Our goal is simple; create an atmosphere where goalkeepers of all ages can develop technically and tactically on the training pitch and during matches. We host two training sessions a week; u12 and below, with the primary goal of developing positive habits and reinforcing muscle memory for long term success. Some of these habits include: footwork, fundamental catching exercises, positional literacy, as well the proper technique for collapse diving. With the older sessions, u12 and above, we will spend most of our time developing tactical recognition, situational awareness and how goalkeeping can influence a team or match. Small, individualized sessions, as well as two goalkeeper coaches on staff, help the club get the most out of each player in a personal and productive way. Goalkeeping is one of the most overlooked parts of youth soccer in America. We believe our approach contradicts this trend.

If you are interested in joining the Lancaster Elite Goalie Training Program please contact us at

Kyle Clemens

Kyle Clemens is a 26 year old freelance journalist who has been with Lancaster Elite for three years. He co-coaches a Lancaster Elite Team with his best friend, and doubles as the Club’s Goalkeeper coach. Kyle graduated from Manheim Township High School in 2011, where he played goalkeeper for three years on the Varsity squad. Kyle is the Manheim Township HS Soccer Team Goalie Coach. Kyle went to Lycoming College in Williamsport and spent time with their Division Three squad as a goalkeeper before pursuing other academic interests. Kyle has both his Introductory to Grassroots coaching license as well as his “E and F” license. He will be working on his “D” license in the very near future.  Kyle follows the mantra “players before athletes,” teaching players to think critically and creatively about the game of soccer and instilling positive and healthy habits at a young age.
In his spare time Kyle enjoys reading, rollerblading, and going to concerts. His favorite club is Liverpool and he dreams of one day watching a match in the Kop.

Nicholas Hohman

“Echte Liebe.” Real love. Since beginning in 2010, having been inspired by the World Cup, his friends to play at a Recreational level, and a new found interest in the German language his passion for soccer was only but destined. Nicholas Alexander Hohman is 25 years of age having lived in Lancaster since birth. He graduated from Manheim Township High School in the year 2011. Studied a few semesters at HACC for a further education he decided to also start taking his love for soccer more seriously. While continuing to play the sport with his friends he joined McMillans Training Systems to improve his athleticism in preparation for tryouts of a new upcoming local team. He played a few seasons with the Lancaster Lions, a semi-professional team. Through that he gained experience and knowledge of the game like a sponge increasing his passion only to become better. Having started playing soccer late he showed zeal in being an underdog. Coinciding with playing with the Lions he reconnected with Kyle Clemens through a local recreational indoor soccer team of mutual friends. Kyle saw his drive and love for the sport and asked him to coach with him for the Manheim Township Recreational Program. Nick in that time had also gained his Introductory to Grassroots “E”, and “F” coaching licenses. He is currently seeking his “D” license to further his knowledge. Nick shares a coaching philosophy with Kyle that pertains to a European model of coaching, “Players before Athletes.” Soccer being an 80% mental sport he wants to shape players to think with a technical and tactical mind on the pitch. Coaching alongside his best friend Kyle Clemens he is striving to make soccer a force in Lancaster to be reckoned with and acknowledged. Nick is constantly studying and researching old and new ways of coaching through books or online archives. Currently a supporter of both Chelsea FC and Borussia Dortmund he also supports great minds outside of the fandom like Jurgen Klopp, Pep Guardiola, Daniel Farke, Jamie Clark, Michael Beale and Jan Laursen. He works downtown at Rachel’s Cafe & Creperie. He is avidly staying in shape and continues to play as much soccer as he possibly can through local indoor recreation.